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Wet Markets in Penang Island

Wet Markets on Penang Island

Yes, a rather interesting topic to write about isn't it. Pasar pagi / Pasar Basah di Pulau Pinang.  But yes I think this question has been asked by many many people. I myself, and many friends have asked the question
  • where do you buy fresh produce, vegetables, fruits, chicken, halal meat, lamb, mutton and beef?
  • And also, I go to this market, but it doesn't sell specific things, so how? Where to go
  • What's the timing of the market? Yes there are evening markets, pasar petang, that sells the above too.
Generally, again, I'm saying generally, things are fresher in the markets rather then super markets, and at times cheaper (very subjective). Let's start with the markets in Penang.Obviously this are not ALL the markets in Penang, but the ones I've been too.

Bayan Baru Market
This market is (obviously) located in Bayan Baru. It is located right next to the Bayan Baru market food Court, between the Bayan Baru Mosque and Sunshine Square. This market is one of more well 'arranged' market. There is parking on nearly every corner of the market building, and additional parking around that areas.You can get nearly all your market needs here, there are many of stall operators. Easily get vegetables, fruits, fish, meat like chicken and beef. I don't think there's mutton meat here though. Click here for a map of Bayan Baru Market

Sg Nibong Market / Taman Tun Sardon Market
This market is located in the Gelugor area. Also quite accessible to those in Sg Nibong area. It is located in the housing area. Parking is ample, if you cannot park at the parken next to the market, road side parking is easily accessible.This market is adjoined to a food court too, and you can get some nice breakfast here, including roti jala. Breakfast here is quite crowded. I would say the number of stalls are rather less, and also the meat selection is limited if I recall.. The plus point is it is very close to the residential area there and easily accessible to them. Point of mention is there if you like 'minum petang' / evening snacks and tea time, this place has a good selection. Options range from kuihs including one of the best Seri Muka, fried fritters (pisang goreng), capati and its curry and also roti jala. You can hangout there and have your snack or just pack it back. Try to go around 5.30pm or slightly earlier to have a wider choice of kuihs, the stall would be open until 6.30pm - 7pm usually. Click here for a wikimapia link.

Anson Road Market
It is located on Anson road, slightly after the Macalister road junction, before you get to Jalan Perak. The market here is pretty small, and caters for a smallers volume of customers. Parking, hard to get nearby one, but drive around there are a few spots which require some walking. Prices are pretty good here. Sells fish also. No halal meat here.

Pulau Tikus Market
This market is smack in the middle of Pulau Tikus. Landmark nearby is the Pulau Tikus Police Station, before Belleview Plaza.  Parking is little challenging on weekends as it does get quite crowded here. I found the prices slightly higher here, possibly due to this area being a little bit 'upmarket' with the relatively richer crowd shopping here. You can get your vegies and fruits here. There are quite alot of choices here, definitely more then the Anson Road Market.  Fish also. For meat, I'm not sure if they have Halal Meat. Anyone? Click here for a wikimapia map.

Batu Lancang Market
This market is easily accessible from Batu Lancang, Jelutong or Greenlane. This is an EVENING Market. I'm not sure about the timings, but it probably should be open around 3pm onwards. Going after 6.30pm possibly most stalls would start to close or be close already. You can find vegetables, fruits, fish. There is mutton available here (Halal one should be available here). Overall the options are good here, and seems quite well arranged. The parking is also convenient, as there is a large lot next to this market. This market also serves other purposes, with the top floor being a hall used for ceremonies including kenduri (receptions) kahwin. To get here , if you are coming from gelugor round about, go straight down Green Lane. You cannot right turn at the main Greenland junction, so continue to go until you reach the flyover (overpass) to Lam Wah Ee hospital (the narrow flyover), take this, and take your first right and drive slowly. You should be able to see the Building

Chowrasta Market
Chowrasta, this market is smack in Georgetown. You get all the fun here, traffic, difficult parking and so on. Actually there is ample parking but it is rather far off, one option being the council's multi-storey parking on Hutton Lane. Chowrasta Market itself is a gem in itself, with alot of old' school nostalgia it seems. Here you can also get pickels / buah Jeruk. 

On the top floor, you there are actually shops selling clothes, shoes etc. And most wonderful of all, there are plenty of second hand book stores here. Most close by end of the evenings.
Now going back (and down) to the market it self. Choices are a plenty, you get it all here. You can even get fresh halal meat, chicken, beef, mutton and so on here. One of the main attractions here is you can get Ayam Kampung (Village chicken) which basically means fresh chicken reared naturally without all the inorganic additions in the typical chicken. You can literally choose  your chicken, alive and they will slaughter (sembelih) it for you there and then. As fresh as it gets and more natural.

All the markets above are morning markets unless mentioned otherwise (e.g. Batu Lancang Market)

This entry answers the following questions
  • Where can I find fresh markets in Penang Island.
  • Where to find fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, egg, chicken, meat, beef and mutton (Halal).
  • Where to find Ayam Kampung. 
  • Evening and morning wet markets.

Menjawab yang berikut
  • Mana pasar segar / pasar pagi di Pinang / Pulau Pinang.
  • Cari Ayam Kampung
  • Cari Daging Halal
  • Cari sayuran, buah buahan, telur.
  • Beli barang masakan dapur. 
Happy Fresh Marketing!


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