Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pindah Rumah Moving Houses

Moving your stuff

Yes Pindah Rumah. I think most of us here in Malaysia, sooner or later will experience the need to move houses. Not sure if you enjoy it, but to me it's stressful and back-breaking.

And the options for moving houses generally are broken into a few approaches:
  1. DIY - use your own vehicle (or borrow someone's) and do your own moving likely a few trips, and get your friends to help as well.
  2. Hire a basic lorry but you (and your friends or family) do most o the moving, loading, unloading, unwrapping and so on. 
  3. Hire a professional moving company to help do it all. Yes, they wrap, package, box it up, load into the lorry, off-load at destination, then unwrap and unbox. 

We've moved a couple of times, and this time around we decided to go for option 3 - getting full fledged movers as to minimize stress and back-ache. Yes, moving yourself is tough, and bad for your back especially if you don't practice good posture.

And this is when I realized there isn't really much info, review or sharings on choosing movers. To sum it up, mostly we are looking for - firstly movers that are professional, will not pull a sour face when doing their job and do it completely, do not damage your possessions and price is right.

I scouted around mostly reading reviews / comments on Lowyat and also asking friends. Below are the movers I requested for an RFQ (Request for Proposal). I was clear on my needs especially that I want door to door and was very specific on the movers doing ALL the works and providing all the wrapping stuff and boxes.

My case was also a little unique as I wanted a 'return trip' move, i.e swap things between 2 states.

Here's the assessment based on my first correspondence (via email or phone). When I sent my email query - I attached as much details (in a word file) of the items I wanted to move - item names, pictures and dimensions if possible. Yes best is to ask them to come to your house to see, however since I wanted to do a pre-qualification and didn't want ALL the moving companies to come one by one, I sent the details via email.
  • R7movers - no reply from my email.
  • - no reply to my email 
  •  CMM (Pro) Movers -  prompt and fast reply. Overall pricing was good also. I can't recall now why they didn't move to my stage 2 of qualification / vendor selection...hmmm.
  • Myrelo - quick and prompt reply but was little costly for me. I think their price shot up for the 'return' trip.
  • Kam Transport - this company was not google-able, and was introduced to it by another mover (that does more of commercial) moving. His rate was mid range not the cheapest, but close to the cheapest.
  • Kajara Movers - This was one of the companies with the best rates. 
  • Subalipack - Seemed very professional but were little expensive for this move.

Lori sudah sampai - this is how large a 3 tonne lorry is

So based on the pricing I got, there were 2 main contenders - Kajara Movers and Kam Transport. First reason was pricing. I finally decided on Kam Transport mainly because I was introduced to the owner and dealt directly with him. He sounded professional and I was a little more comfortable since if later I have issues with his worker - I can call the boss directly. Also he was very flexible on my needs as I wanted a return trip, so they come pick up few days earlier, deliver to destination one and return trip deliver on different dayswith no storage chargers. This really made it easy for my, so I didn't need to hurry and scurry, reducing the stress level significantly.

 Overall the stuff was wrapped very nicely, they were not stingy (kedekut) on the wrapping material and bubble wrap.

One of the 3 workers, seemed rather knowledge-able and was able to install and uninstall our washing maching and gas stove quite well, and was responsive when we highlighted some concerns.  

Some pointers / notes.
  • If you are not moving too many stuff, maybe a 1 tonne lorry might suffice - let the mover assess. 
  • Some movers only have maybe say a 3 tonne lorry so won't quote / suggest a 1 tonne lorry and vis-versa. 
  • Most apartments might not allow anything larger then 3 tonne lorry. 
  • Be very specific that you want the movers to do ALL the works. Remember to tell them to allocate extra boxes / wraps for things you might notice last minute. 
  • Don't pay full.  I paid 50% first during pick up, and remaining 50% during final delivery. 
  • Suggest to tip the movers IF they are responsive and meet your needs. 
 Here are some of the contacts for movers. I'm not putting email as bots might fish them. If you want emails, please leave a message and your email address, will email you directly.
Contacts by order of recommendation:
  1. Din from Kam Transport 012-2987810
  2. Kajara Movers: 03:41085626
  3. CMM Movers (google) and Subalipack : Farid 019-3815017
Good luck. Hopefully my review of moving houses in Malaysia, pindah rumah comes in useful.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Proton Iriz and Spec Comparison

No, let me start with I'm not planning to emulate PaulTan's website to review cars. I blog for the passion (when I'm free) and share useful information (at least what I deem useful) that I've spent time coming up with due to personal interest and needs. This entry gives you an analysis comparing the difference between the Proton Iriz models. Prior to making a purchase decision, I tried to look for a good summary of the difference between the models, the Proton website does give a good interface to compare specs between selected models at Proton Iriz but it is REALLY a long list of specs, many of which are the same.

What I'm looking for is a snapshot of the DIFFERENCE to make a purchase decision. Now this is not a complain to Proton but a f/back as I think most car sites have the same limitation. So what I've done is created a simple table outlining the difference between the models. One wise saying that I read few days back is "what makes a millionaire is someone who recognizes a problem and solves it for everyone". I'm still on the journey to being both an RM millionaire and getting a million hits on this blog.... :P

So anyway, below is a snap shot of the difference between the Iriz Models. Click to enlarge.

Firstly this is correct on day of publishing (assuming I didn't make any errors). Price and specs will likely change.

Previously when I've made purchase decisions, I mostly go for the full specs of a car, due to a few reasons:
  • Safety : Only the full specs had airbags and safety features. 
  • Price : Yes though the full specs car is more expensive delta was not huge, and buying a full spec Proton or Perodua is cheaper then buying a low spec foreign car - and (at least specs / feature wise) your full spec Malaysian car will be 'higher' spec'ed than the foreign car (same segment and so on)
This time the purchase decision becomes complex, as all IRIZ claim 5 Star Asean CAP which is higher than Axia and quite a number of foreign cars. Enjoy the crash test on Youtube too.  Aah, back to my point, so though all the models have airbag and meet 5 Star Asean CAP, the difference in safety if I'm not mistaken is only the 1.6CVT Premium has the side and curtain airbags. Note all the models have front air bags.

Secondly the price delta between the basic or even mid range 1.3CVT model to the high spec 1.6CVT model is RM7k-10k.

I think if you have the cash and place high value on leather seats and of course the additional airbags, go for the full premium. The folding side mirror and better infotainment is also an added benefit. Note leather seats cost around RM1.5k (semi leather) and RM1.8k (full leather) if you were to get them yourselves.

My request would be for Proton to offer a 1.3CVT model option with full airbags and leather seats and the infotainment. But in all honestly unless their volume picks up and based on my minimal manufacturing knowledge, it is very costly to offer multiple models, as each SKU is costly to design, manufacture and support (after sales).

Anyway kudos to Proton for a good offering and a good Raya package. Only complain is at low speeds the CVT engine does jerk a little last I drove. Btw, sorry no summary on the Manual model which people says drives even better due to my lack of interest in manual cars....

Calculating CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum Mastercard and Maybank 2 Cards

Per my previous review, of when to best use the Maybank 2 Cards and pair it with the CIMB Cash Back Platinum Card, here are some further details if you want to get down to nitty-gritty. 

In essence you want to calculate how much an RM / a ringgit spent on your credit card gives you in return, so you can figure out the point or cash back system of the card. 

Firstly let's start with the Maybank 2 Cards. Note I am not considering the 5% cash back on weekends as I want to see what is the value to use your AMEX (not the Visa or Mastercard that comes along) on weekdays. You can redeem e.g. an AEON Big voucher of RM100 for 43,680 points. Since you get 5x points per RM, this normalizes to a spend of RM8,736. Basically from my maths, this equals to returns of RM0.0114 for every RM1 you spend. In percentage that translate for a return of 1.15%. Which in reality is not too bad. Remember this is for weekday spent, as weekend you get 5% cash back, so in reality weekend spend equals to 6.15% which is REALLY good as you get this for ALL things you spend with your AMEX.

So what's your take away from the above, to complement your Maybank AMEX for weekday spend, get a card that gives you best returns with a minimum or higher then 1.15% value per RM spent.

So what did I get? I got myself the CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum Mastercard. I never really considered this a strong contender for the 'complemantary' spot, but it has turned out to be a good card. I got the Cash Rebate card when I (long ago) cancelled my Direct Access Credit Card (yes if you recognize this card,  you are probably 33years old and above - hahah) which no longer had much benefits. The CIMB Cash Back Card has turned out to be quite handy, has good promotions from time to time (e.g. Agoda, Lazada and so on. 

Here is a summary of how the CIMB Cash Rebate Card comes in. 

As you can see, for Online spend, it is constantly good. Except for online airline tickets, as I THINK the insurance coverage is limited or non-existent. It delivers pretty well for Groceries and Petrol as well. What I like about the CIMB card (and Maybank Amex 2 Cards) is that there are no tricky terms and conditions to meet, like any minimum spend, any minimum transaction and so on, which is the case for many other cards that claim to offer equal or better cash backs but require you to jump through hoops to be eligible.

From the time to time promotion, CIMB hasn't failed to keep me happy, like the current Enjoy 25% off at with an additional 5%* cash rebate and so on. Also decent deals with hotels. Another thing I noticed (if I'm correct) is CIMB offers up to a max of RM50 cash back for each card, so if I have one primary and one supplementary, we can max up to RM100 cash back.

Have fun, just don't overspend and make sure you settle your bills in full end of the month.
This is part of my Value Tips entry, for more value tips that will save you lots of RM $ click here.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Malaysia Best Credit Card Review 2015

After the change in Maybank Treat Points System, where previously it would cost you around 10,000 points to redeem RM50 worth of voucher escalated to ~23,000 points needed to redeem RM50 worth of vouchers, I started to have questions on what would be the best credit card combination and use strategy. I did search high and low, but couldn't find any good summary updated based on the changes by Maybank. (maybe no one has written or maybe my lack of googling abilities).

Previously I did do some research and summarized it at pairing-your-maybank-amex-with-ocbc but with the changes in Maybank Treat Points value and reduction of OCBC cash back, I have now changed my credit card combo to Maybank 2 Card (Amex + Visa) and CIMB Cash Back.  And so I decided to do some research (and maths) on my own and have come up with my summary. What next? Obviously I would like to share what I've calculated. Note this is based on my own understanding, if anything doesn't add up, do comment.

UPDATED: Come 1st Aug, Maybank 2 Cards AMEX will only give 5% cash back on weekend dining and not all weekend spend. What a shame.... Details below
5% Weekend cash back² when spend on Maybankard 2 American Express Card.
²A cap of RM50 per customer (Principal Cardmember) per month.
Click here for Weekend cashback Terms and Conditions.
Note: Starting from 1 August 2015, the 5% Weekend Cashback Card Benefit will no longer applicable for Maybank2 American Express. The 5% Weekend Cashback will be replace with 5% Weekend Dining Cashback. Click here for the 5% Weekend Dining Cashback Terms and Conditions.

Just did that above table, now need to update...Anyway for first line - ALL Weekend : Change to Weekend Dining ONLY.  Now the CIMB Cash back is getting sexier wouldn't you say...

I think overall, if you do decent amount of online shopping e.g. lazada, groupon etc it is really worth getting the CIMB Cash Back. As usual most of this cards have a cap / limit (RM50). I also think eventhough if you do autobilling or pay at counter for your phone bills, you do not get the 5% cash back, what I do is buy my prepaid re-load online using my CIMB Cash Back and I think with this I am eligible to get the 5% :)

I'm also tempted to consider the Maybank Visa Signature due to the 5% cash back (everyday) for Petrol and Groceries, but might make my CIMB Cash Back not that needed - but in that case, I can leave my CIMB cash back at home just for online transactions.

I just created a new entry on calculating exactly how much each Ringgit spent translate into your rebate / cash back - read it here Calculating Your Credit Card Points Value

Note: I did not compare in detail to other cards like WISE for couple of reasons, some of them have a minimum spend / transaction frequency to be eligible. Also cause when I applied WISE years ago they rejected me, so no card no comment.

All my value tips entries are captured at Value Tips.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Air Asia Premium Flex Not so Flex

Generally I buy the normal low fare ticket, but as my purchase for this time I felt my schedule was not that firm due to commitments, I opted to buy the Air Asia Premium Flex, mainly for the flexi-flight option.
Among the main benefit as per AA Premium Flex website :

And also at AA Premium Flex FAQ states 2 Flight Changes - up to 2 hours before scheduled time of departure time of the original flight with no Flight Change Fee, fare                     differences may apply.

So, I found this a good benefit of AA. Yes, no refund if new fare is cheaper, but at least I avoid the exorbitant (to me) change flight fees (can't recall how much I kena the other day). So to my understanding (which proved poor) was "Hei, if I have to re-schedule, as long as I go to AA website and find fares that are LOWER or the SAME as my current fare, I am good". So yes, it would be worthwhile paying the premium now for this flexibility. 

But guess what, let the pictures do the talking - note pictures taken at same time of day doing enquiry on AA website. 

Change Flight using Premium Flex

So to change my ticket, which is supposed to be no change fees applied, I would be paying RM288 per ticket. BUT If I go directly to AA website and purchase new tickets (as below) for same day and time, only RM209. So relatively the same seat on AA via change ticket costs me RM79 more per person!

Purchase New Flight

 I did send a query via AA online form. Kudos (I was happily surprised with the timely response ~3 days). Below is their response

Thank you for writing to AirAsia.

In response to your email, we do apologise for the inconvenience caused, however please be informed that promotional fare is only applicable to new flight booking and not when guest attempt to perform flight change on date/time.

We may advise guest flight change date/time as below;

5.3 Flight Change: Once a booking number has been issued, flight changes are subject to the following terms: Inside of forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time, no changes are allowed. The charges for flight change outside of forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time are provided for in the Fee Schedule at this link, subject to the following conditions:

  1. If a lower fare is available, the difference in fares will not be refunded to the passenger;
  2. If the new flight booked is in a higher fare class than that of the cancelled booked flight, the difference in fares shall be paid by the passenger before the cancellation or change can be made;
  3. The change is not confirmed until we issue you a new Itinerary and/or booking number.
  4. Changes on route(s) are not allowed.

Flight change can be done via “Manage My Booking” or at our nearest sales counter/office.

While performing flight change on date/time, at the right side of the screen, a booking summary will be shown for guest reference if changes if confirm. Guest may also check by the difference between the New Fare – Old Fare (air fare only).

Should you need any further assistance, please submit online form ( For simple inquiry, please feel free to check our AskAirAsia portal at (, follow us at our Twitter account, or approach our Live Chat service at (

Thank you for choosing AirAsia.

 Key thing here is " however please be informed that promotional fare is only applicable to new flight booking and not when guest attempt to perform flight change on date/time. "

So to me, it is not really that worthwhile, (agak rugi) coz once you buy premium flex, yes you can change BUT you no longer can enjoy any promotional fare. So let's do some maths, say if you didn't need the other premium flex benefits like luggage, meal and selecting your seats, based on the above picture (I can't recall my original price difference between premium flex and low fare).

If I bought low fare at RM109, and just couldn't fly on that day, I loose RM109. Then I again purchase another ticket few months later at RM109, I would have ended up paying RM218 in total. (yes ticket prices change, but I could wait for a sale to buy a new ticket - so it could be higher then RM109 or WAY lower then RM109). BUT, in my case I would have paid RM209 for first time premium flex fare, then another RM79 = RM288!

So that's an additional of RM70 effectively in my total cost of buying a premium flex and making changes, versus saving RM70 if I just buy two tickets! Which in reality if I never change my tickets upon buying premium fare, would already be ~RM100 more expensive. NOTE :  I didn't do that math to calculate how much meal + baggage + seat selection + any additional taxes is buy new ticket vs change ticket is. But bottom line, my own understanding based on my knowledge today is that if you are buying premium flex mainly just for the flexibility of changing dates in the future, probably not really worth it. Just buy the cheap fare, if you can fly. Save already. If have to forfeit and book new ticket, as long as your are flexible to wait for promo fair, just buy a new ticket. Lagi PUAS.

PS - another thing I don't get - haven't follow up is , their website says below

2 Flight Changes - up to 2 hours before scheduled time of departure time of the original flight with no Flight Change Fee, fare                     differences may apply.
·         Flight Change has to be done at least 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the new flight for AirAsia (AK, QZ, FD,                      PQ, Z2, I5) and at least 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the new flights for  AirAsia X (D7, XJ).

Q14. If I have already checked in my Premium Flex flight, can I still change my flight?
Yes, you may. If you change your flight more than 48 hours before departure, you may change your flight through ‘Manage My Booking’, sales office, call centre or airport sales counter. If you change your flight less than 48 hours before departure, you may only change your flight through ‘Manage my booking’ and airport sales counter.

but the email reply I posted in the beginning says :
 Once a booking number has been issued, flight changes are subject to the following terms: Inside of forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time, no changes are allowed.

Am I missing something or?

How about you? Do share your experience. I've got another experience 'in motion', will update once I get a reply from AA.

Oh, I and just realized, I can't reply to Air Asia's initial email reply to seek clarification on the 2 hrs vs 48 hrs to cancel or book a new flight, since the email is a 'DoNotReply' email. If I want to follow up on their reply means I either have to in their own words do the below. Let's see la, If I larat, for now will just publish this blog, and tag them / post it on their FB. Hope this helps people make informed decision as of date, I couldn't find any info on their website saying changing flights via Premium Flex makes you in-eligible for promo fare (based on my googling, I could be wrong)...

"Should you need any further assistance, please submit online form ( For simple inquiry, please feel free to check our AskAirAsia portal at (, follow us at our Twitter account, or approach our Live Chat service at ("


Groupon Purchase Cars World Car Wash Wax Polish Package

My short quick experience with this company. Upon buying the Groupon ( requested  a date via email (process requires booking via email). Was told non available until 1 month later. Ok, scheduled based on their proposed timing. Then at the day there was heavy rain and I believe flash floods, so immediately emailed the shop and informed them. Also no reply. Sent a follow up email 6 days later and no reply again. It is now ~16 days with no reply from them. I acknowledge the policy states rescheduling is required 1 day before, but weather not in my control. Who goes for car wash when its raining. Also if it was raining lightly, I would still try to go (redah) but was too heavy and likely flash flooded.

Below is my email to Groupon help I just submitted today. Let's see what happens. Also at the back of my thought, during booking, the seller asks both our voucher code and security code, and thus they probably have already made $ from us by claiming the amount from groupon, without rendering the services, making them even more reluctant to layan us..Anyone any similar experience? 

Hi, I bought the Meguiar's full auto detailing package as per voucher, and after contacting the shop and requesting a date, was offered a date later on. I agreed to it. However on the day I was supposed to go, there was very heavy rain and flash floods in my area. I contacted the email provided immediately on 7th March (date of appointment) to inform and request a reschedule, but no reply. I sent a follow up on the 13th March but no reply either. Could you please advice & help.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wasiat Will Writing

Interesting topic. Starting this write-up mostly for my own research. In Malaysia, 'generally' speaking Wasiat refers to a Muslim's Will. The parameters and guidance around it is slightly different, but equally important.
Previously there was much more dependence on Faraid law to provide the guidelines for divisions of wealth upon the passing of someone, however recently there has been continued awareness of the benefits and necessities of willing (gerund for writing a will?).

A good website with quite clear reference is at (mostly in Malay). One of the comments does mention that to a certain level, division of the 'peninggalan' can we done via Seksyen Pusaka Kecil which I think is a division under Pejabat Tanah dan Galian for each district. The commenter suggests to go this this section of office and document down a hibah wasiat (hibah = gifting).  Some good details provided here

I will try to call them tomorrow and ask how do you 'pre' assign the divisions (if possible). For Penang it is here

One of my friends recommend to use the services of WasiyyahShoppe. Will try to give them a call as well.One of my concerns was, the challenge here besides finding a good, reliable, honest 'service provide' lays the question - will the firm executing (if you decide to use a trustee) still be around when the need arises (sooner or later eh).

Some details and elaboration on Hibah - (note - please verify validity). Also

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Aliexpress review and experience

Add in many new products or services introduced in the market we will have an inertia to adopt it, many reasons be it fear, distrust or just resistance to change.

I had the same reasons above and never really have aliexpress a second look.  But then i noticed credit card companies and even at one time master card promotions.  Then the tipping point was aliexpress buyer protection.  
So far I've made a couple of transactions 
1. Health bunion socks for a family member.  Arrived and looks OK. 
2. BT earphones for myself.  Price was good. Quality too.  Only thing didn't fit my ears that well.  But can't complain heard recently that even the branded give end with same design does not fit everyone's ears (uncomfortable and drops off).  

So,  till date in quite happy.  Only limitation is it becomes hard to track your shipment one or arrives in your country of destination sure to the hand over.  Yes I know we need to track at our home country postal services,  but trust me for my case it should status only AFTER they tried to deliver

In case you are wondering what my home country is (i.e. Ship to address an in Malaysia) 

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