Monday, March 23, 2015

Groupon Purchase Cars World Car Wash Wax Polish Package

My short quick experience with this company. Upon buying the Groupon ( requested  a date via email (process requires booking via email). Was told non available until 1 month later. Ok, scheduled based on their proposed timing. Then at the day there was heavy rain and I believe flash floods, so immediately emailed the shop and informed them. Also no reply. Sent a follow up email 6 days later and no reply again. It is now ~16 days with no reply from them. I acknowledge the policy states rescheduling is required 1 day before, but weather not in my control. Who goes for car wash when its raining. Also if it was raining lightly, I would still try to go (redah) but was too heavy and likely flash flooded.

Below is my email to Groupon help I just submitted today. Let's see what happens. Also at the back of my thought, during booking, the seller asks both our voucher code and security code, and thus they probably have already made $ from us by claiming the amount from groupon, without rendering the services, making them even more reluctant to layan us..Anyone any similar experience? 

Hi, I bought the Meguiar's full auto detailing package as per voucher, and after contacting the shop and requesting a date, was offered a date later on. I agreed to it. However on the day I was supposed to go, there was very heavy rain and flash floods in my area. I contacted the email provided immediately on 7th March (date of appointment) to inform and request a reschedule, but no reply. I sent a follow up on the 13th March but no reply either. Could you please advice & help.



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