Saturday, July 18, 2015

Proton Iriz and Spec Comparison

No, let me start with I'm not planning to emulate PaulTan's website to review cars. I blog for the passion (when I'm free) and share useful information (at least what I deem useful) that I've spent time coming up with due to personal interest and needs. This entry gives you an analysis comparing the difference between the Proton Iriz models. Prior to making a purchase decision, I tried to look for a good summary of the difference between the models, the Proton website does give a good interface to compare specs between selected models at Proton Iriz but it is REALLY a long list of specs, many of which are the same.

What I'm looking for is a snapshot of the DIFFERENCE to make a purchase decision. Now this is not a complain to Proton but a f/back as I think most car sites have the same limitation. So what I've done is created a simple table outlining the difference between the models. One wise saying that I read few days back is "what makes a millionaire is someone who recognizes a problem and solves it for everyone". I'm still on the journey to being both an RM millionaire and getting a million hits on this blog.... :P

So anyway, below is a snap shot of the difference between the Iriz Models. Click to enlarge.

Firstly this is correct on day of publishing (assuming I didn't make any errors). Price and specs will likely change.

Previously when I've made purchase decisions, I mostly go for the full specs of a car, due to a few reasons:
  • Safety : Only the full specs had airbags and safety features. 
  • Price : Yes though the full specs car is more expensive delta was not huge, and buying a full spec Proton or Perodua is cheaper then buying a low spec foreign car - and (at least specs / feature wise) your full spec Malaysian car will be 'higher' spec'ed than the foreign car (same segment and so on)
This time the purchase decision becomes complex, as all IRIZ claim 5 Star Asean CAP which is higher than Axia and quite a number of foreign cars. Enjoy the crash test on Youtube too.  Aah, back to my point, so though all the models have airbag and meet 5 Star Asean CAP, the difference in safety if I'm not mistaken is only the 1.6CVT Premium has the side and curtain airbags. Note all the models have front air bags.

Secondly the price delta between the basic or even mid range 1.3CVT model to the high spec 1.6CVT model is RM7k-10k.

I think if you have the cash and place high value on leather seats and of course the additional airbags, go for the full premium. The folding side mirror and better infotainment is also an added benefit. Note leather seats cost around RM1.5k (semi leather) and RM1.8k (full leather) if you were to get them yourselves.

My request would be for Proton to offer a 1.3CVT model option with full airbags and leather seats and the infotainment. But in all honestly unless their volume picks up and based on my minimal manufacturing knowledge, it is very costly to offer multiple models, as each SKU is costly to design, manufacture and support (after sales).

Anyway kudos to Proton for a good offering and a good Raya package. Only complain is at low speeds the CVT engine does jerk a little last I drove. Btw, sorry no summary on the Manual model which people says drives even better due to my lack of interest in manual cars....



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