Sunday, February 15, 2015

Aliexpress review and experience

Add in many new products or services introduced in the market we will have an inertia to adopt it, many reasons be it fear, distrust or just resistance to change.

I had the same reasons above and never really have aliexpress a second look.  But then i noticed credit card companies and even at one time master card promotions.  Then the tipping point was aliexpress buyer protection.  
So far I've made a couple of transactions 
1. Health bunion socks for a family member.  Arrived and looks OK. 
2. BT earphones for myself.  Price was good. Quality too.  Only thing didn't fit my ears that well.  But can't complain heard recently that even the branded give end with same design does not fit everyone's ears (uncomfortable and drops off).  

So,  till date in quite happy.  Only limitation is it becomes hard to track your shipment one or arrives in your country of destination sure to the hand over.  Yes I know we need to track at our home country postal services,  but trust me for my case it should status only AFTER they tried to deliver

In case you are wondering what my home country is (i.e. Ship to address an in Malaysia) 



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