Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tesco Bag for Life, Guranteed for Life

For RM0.99, you get a Plastic Bag, that's Guranteed for life. Yes, Tesco will replace it for free, forever!
It is a great way to encourage re-use, as this bag does last a few months of rugged use. I hope this policy doesn't force Tesco to go out of business.

PS- By the way, it's GOOD for the environment as well, besides being a 'value' buy. So do good for yourself, your conscience and for the environment, by using this bag. Thanks Syakir for pointing this out.


CampusEnvironmentalist said...

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will at least educate peoples to reduce their waste especially plastic.-as reported that plastic contribute for 24 percent out of total waste characterictic; food waste, metals, etc..

After all, these good concepts should be instilled and nurtured in people from tender age. Improving our waste management system is not just the responsibility of the authorities and private sectors per se, it is also the duty of every citizen. In this regards, parents are good role models for their children.
So, start using tote bags for shopping!


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