Sunday, June 22, 2008

Direct Access 2% Petrol Rebate

Direct Access 2% Petrol Rebate - Yes one more c/c company has jumped into the bandwagon.

I recently stopped using my Direct Access Credit Card since reward points were only valid for 1 year, and that makes it pretty hard to accumulate points to redeem anything. Unless you're a big spender.

Recently however, I noticed they have changed this by making points valid up to 2 or 3 years.

And now, another bonus, yes 2% back, (until a certain time) at any petrol station!

That's pretty good. I believe CIMB has a 2% $ back for petrol purchase in Petronas, but this is better to me for 2 reasons
  1. Works at all petrol station
  2. And you can still get points on your Real Rewards or Mesra if you use Direct Access, unlike CIMB and Maybank Petronas where you are not allowed to swipe your reward card anymore.
  3. Cons is it's only valid for a limited time.

My summary? I'll be using Direct Access for some time.

PS - Heard RHB travel money c/c gives up to 5%?
That's tempting isn't it.



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