Saturday, February 28, 2009

Giant Penang Byn Baru Accident Trap - Case Closed

Updated April 2009 : My recent visits to Giant Bayan Baru has shown positive action from Giant's management. They have taken steps to improve the traffic flow and avoid dangerous parking. Syabas Giant.

My f/back to Giant thru their website.

Please note that the giant entrance (facing the Malay Restaurant), at the entrance, it is very dangerous and accident prone. Eventhough Giant has placed 'stands' to avoid bikes and cars from parking on near the entrance/exit outside Giant, bikes and cars tend to park as close as possible. Imagine this, one car coming out, one car entering, one car parked on the road shoulder and bikes on the other shoulder. Too dangerous. Please take measures. If you need a photo or further info please email me. Or you can follow up on my blog.

ps- I have already complained at that Giant's customer service but nothing has yet to happen (2weeks ago)

Let's see what they reply or do.

Here's Giant's Reply.

Dear En. yyyyyy,

Thank you for your kind feedback on our parking safety.

We will immediately review the car park entrance area to avoid any mishap from happening.

I will highlight this matter to my Complex division team to rectify the problem.

We will feedback to you of our investigation and remedial action on the above matters.

Thank you once again for your concerns and time to bring this to our attention.

Azizul – pls review the above matter and feedback to customer accordingly.

Wang – pls investigate about customer highlight his concerns at Customer Service counter about 2 weeks ago but was not brought
up to yours or mine attention.


Hypermarket General Manager
Giant Bayan Baru (GHBB)

Not bad, I got a reply in 1 day with actions measured clearly.



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