Saturday, May 9, 2009


Here's one more quick money saving tip. The Aerogramme

To those who still remember and use the postal mail, that has existed long before the email, here's a good tip for you. Why still use postal mail? Coz somehow it still exudes more of a personal feel rather then getting an email.

Did you know you can save at least 40% and above when you use an aerogramme for overseas letters. I guess some of you answered yes, and some no. When I went to purchase aerogrammes from the post office, the officer was rather surprised yet delighted. Why? He told me that sadly not many people know about the aerogramme and its benefits.

Typically you send a letter outside the country, it is considered as an internation Air Mail. (Par Avion sounds familar?)

International postal rates here in Malaysia are broken mainly into 5 Zones, e.g. ASEAN countries are referred to as Zone A and have the lowest rates. So if you go to the Post Malaysia website or office, you should be able to navigate your way thru to the postal rates.

So say for example to send anything below 20grams to Zone A (e.g. Singapore), it would cost you a flat rate of RM0.90. And to send the same thing to USA say, it would cost you RM1.80.

Now mostly, the letter we're sending is an envelope with a couple of sheets of paper with letters in it (pun intended). So here's where the aerogramme comes in, purchasing an aerogramme at the post office which only cost RM0.50, you get a fold-able sheet which has ample writing space and the 'stamp' pre-printed on it.

So basically looking at the above picture, you have the whole side of a page and 1/3 of the front page to write on. Becareful not to write too much on the edges. Once you're done, just fold the aerogramme per the fold lines, glue it and post it. Yes all that just for RM0.50.

Writing this entry, I've come to realize for the minimum weight, say you send a letter of 5grams, it is CHEAPER by Air Mail compared to Land / Sea Mail. But once you go heavier for parcels,Sea Mail is definitely cheaper.

p.s - Did you know that the stamps you purchase at the post office is self-adhesived, ie just apply water to it and it'll be sticky and you can just press it against the envelope and you're done. Look, no glue!.



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