Sunday, January 3, 2010

Steve Jobs at Stanford

Steve Jobs - 3 Great Points in Life

Sometimes you come across things in life, which are life changing. Steve Jobs has changed many lives. Not only by his products, but by his own life story, his survival, and positive outlook into life.

Watch the video first. Then read on.

1. Do what you love to do. If you haven't found it yet, keep on looking. You will stumble upon it sooner or later.
Whether you grab it, take the risk of falling, is your own call.

2.Take life as if you were going to die soon.
This is a very common saying, which Steve mentions he has heard from somewhere else. The result,
I think Steve has said it best. You make best of you can and have, and the 'shyness' is no more.
Look yourself in the mirror every morning, and ask yourself if you like what you're doing and whether you like it.

3. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. He doesn't elaborate much on this, but from what I would tell myself,
Stay Hungry - Never be content. Never give up. There is also more in life. Be happy with what you want, but still stay hungry.
Stay Foolish - Never be scared to try something new, to ask, to do your best. You might look foolish, but well I guess so did Steve Jobs at times.

Thanks to Jarren and my KM lecturer for sharing this. is a great website which has so many
great videos. You can check out my commentary on Pranav Mistry on Sixth Sense Technology.

One of the most touching and invigorating videos I have come across.


elllgie said...

Not a prob dude...just don't forget us when you become Malaysian Steve Jobs one day...ha ha


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