Friday, February 26, 2010 Buying and Selling Online for Malaysians

Buying and Selling Online for Malaysians

Personally I would think that Malaysian e-commerce on B2C, i.e Business to Consumers has grown pretty slow, and is rather limited.

There were those lime lights, if my memory serves me right, first with,

the and now

I've never tried and thought it's gone to cyber black hole but visiting the

website today does show some pretty positive signs.

Years back I heard alot about ebay and how people made tons of money,

but it seems selling on is more 'beneficial' then just on as the

market is larger but it seems difficult to get an account on

I didn't have much luck with However recently has been receiving rave comments

from many of my friends, they've managed to get roomate and tenants for their apartments.

We all usually have some useful stuff, that we think we'll use on day, but never do. There's a rule of thumb

if you haven't used it for 6 months, you're probably not going to use it anyway. So I had a couple of things

I didn't really find of use for myself but am sure someone somewhere could want it.

So last month I tried putting up 2 items, namely

1. Tony Buzan's Head First - this book just didn't work for me. It is about mind mapping, yes I do mind map

but my way of mapping is more spontaneous. In the beginning of the book, it indicates an approach

similar to below :

Look at the word :APPLE,

then tells us just to look at the word and close our eyes for a minute of so. Then it asks you what

went thru your mind, saying generally pictures of apples, fruits, green apples etc. So I tried it on myself

and many friends. Yes, many people did see many fruits however there were those who when had

their eyes closed, only saw the word A P P L E. I'm one of them. So my personal deduction is either

it doesn't work for engineers or left handers. Coz in my sample size, most lefties only saw the alphabets

run in their mind when their eyes were closed. Probably indicating which brain is stronger?

2. The other item I tried selling was my mouse, a Logitech Track Man. It is a pretty good mouse, however

did not really fit me. I preferred Microsoft's trackballers more. Here's a picture of the mouse I put

up on

So I put up the mouse on and in a week I had a propestive buyer and the deal was seal, I received the payment and pos-laju'ed the mouse, nicely packed in bubble wrap to the person.

The limitation of is there is still date no referals and no security/gurantee on transactions as it is done directly between buyer and seller. I guess it should be expected as is FREE, yes it doesn't charge for posting, or transacting unlike other online e-commerce.

So what did you recently buy or sell? By the way, if you're looking for a book to read, consider Tony Buzan's Head First, you can buy if from me.



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