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Bukit Merah, Lost World of Tambun or Sunway Lagoon

There are a number of Water Theme Parks in Malaysia, among others,
So which is the best water park to go to? I guess this blog can be quite controversial, as people have their own preference, and theme parks change their attractions from time to time.

My review is based on below parks and time, taking into consideration their water parks ONLY:
  • # Sunway Lagoon visited many years ago and last on 2009.
  • # A'Famosa Melaka - visited around 2002
  • # Lost world of Tambun, Perak - visiting mid 2010
  • # Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort Perak - visited 2009
Let's start with the simple Lost World of Tambun - one word - CRAP. Though they seem to boast a huge park, and a lot of marketing promotions, the rides are actually rather few. My feeling - "that's it"?
They offer both dry and wet park, however both rather dissapoint. Suggest to go hear ONLY if you haven't been to the others, otherwise you'd probably be dissappointed.

A Famosa Resort Melaka has the 'scariest, most challenging ride'. I went the with my colleague mate. And I still remember it clearly. We climb and climb and finally reached the top of the ride, and my was it a very high ride. Quoting the website it's a SEVEN story high ride. When we got there, we were in awe, and well, were going "you GOTTA be kidding!". Yes, it is REALLY high, and the way it is designed leaves much to the imagination. Finally when we RODE the water slide, it was a super fast descend, and it was literally 'burning' the trail.
So for an awesome water ride with a big plus on FEAR factor - A Famosa Resort is the choice.
Yes definitely they have other rides as well, but for this ride to still be fresh in my mind after many years, it must have left an impact to my memory.

Accommodation wise, you could probably stay at A'Famosa or Malacca.

Next Sunway Lagoon, I'm not sure is it just age or it really changed. I remember going to Sunway Lagoon water park when I was a teenager, and the water rides were fun and aplenty.
However during our visit last year, it was like, again IS THAT IT? I actually asked one of the lifeguards and he said YUP. I think they tried to diversify by making more themed parks, however having to sacrifice some water rides. Anyone any comments? Anyway as mentioned, this is the best 'wholesome' park in my point of view.

For those from outstation, you can opt to stay in Selangor or KL, however Sunway Lagoon is located in Petaling Jaya (PJ) specifically, so it would be best to get a room in PJ. Go for Sunway Lagoon Resort if its in your budget, or check out and compare hotels near Sunway Lagoon.

Definitely different people prefer different rides, I'm done with roller coasters and prefer water rides and 3D / 4D rides. Can't wait to visit universal studios in Singapore. The one in Orlando which had 3D Spiderman was AWESOME. No it isn't one of those low cost ones where u just sit in a cinema, but this one really takes you on a ride!

And finally Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. I actually found this water theme park fun. Eventhough we went during the school holidays it wasn't over crowded. They've got the normal water slides as below.

Here's a side view of the slides, and the sky-chair that takes you across from different parks. A good experience especially if you decide to skip the water theme park.

There are 2 awesome water rides there the Giant Bubble a first in South East Asia, as you can see below.

The wet-bubble is basically a semi-sphere (a half dome bubble), which is kept wet and you climb up, push people down and just have loads of fun. It is hard to describe, but the fun is mostly in the challenge of climbing up, yanking the rope so people trying to climb up fall and jumping on the bubble and pushing other people down. Not sure but the life-guard didn't like it when we jumped too much on the top of the bubble.

The bubble is limited to 6 pax per turn. So there's naturally a slight queue.

And then the Boomerang Slide. This is also fun and gives you a 'roller coster' feel without the dizziness.

Per entry just for the water park is RM25 per adult. Rather reasonable. My only complain would be the wave pool didn't have any WAVES! The life-guard said it's broken. To bad.

Getting there - That the PLUS North South Highway and exit Bukit Merah. The Resort is just five minutes from the drive and sign-boards are a plenty.

For accomodations in Bukit Merah, you can either call Bukit Merah Laketown Resort or book online and check prices for Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Besides staying overnight, a day trip is also sufficient. However if you are coming from far, another option I would recommend to stay at Taiping as there are a number of things to do there and Bukit Merah would be not to far a drive. Things to check out at Taiping are the Zoo / Night Safari, Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Taiping) and definitely Maxwell Hill. Click here for hotel in Taiping.



Anonymous said...

frm ur sure u are nt originally frm malaysia...or tipical malaysian...since u condam so much about malaysia...then go other place lor...

el the man said...

Dear Anonymous,

Noted your point. Sorry that you didn't like the post. It was a commentary and comparison between theme parks. Like for Sunway Lagoon, definitely it is a wholesome park, however I was reviewing in a water theme park POV, which Bukit Merah wins in my POV. Notice I highly regarded Bukit Merah, which is a Malaysian theme park as well.

I am proud to be Malaysians, which I believe is our right to acknowledge and appreciate the good, and make an effort to improve the not so good, not to just complain. Feel free to read the other entries with an open heart and you will notice this.

Anyway, thank you for your time on this blog and your sincere comment.

Judging people by looks just doesn't seem very Malaysian does it?

Frashad Shah said...

I echo el the man's very honest and diplomatic response.

Hiding behind anonymity does not lend any credibility in your comment. I do hope you read this response and hopefully contribute to the growth of not only this blog but also to other blogs and online discussion spaces with constructive criticism so that everyone can benefit.

sami said...

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bnandy said...

Gr8 explanation, just what I was looking for.. Feeling just the same way you are, I want to visit more water theme parks rather than the roller coasters stuff... I have visited loads of theme parks all over the world.. but want to try the water theme parks now...

I have just visited Sunway Lagoon a month plus ago. Although being a Malaysian it was my first time visiting it. I had very high expectations.. Although it wasn't like how i imagined it will be, I really enjoyed all the rides in the dry park n the water park but had the same feeling as urself.. "IS THAT IT??" but nonetheless, I repeatedly went on the rides till the park closed :D... Oh however, will definately reccomend the Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon, it was an awsome experience. I will reccomend it to everyone. The effort put in into it was great, and it gave me a very good thrill.. Compared to other similiar parks visited in other parts of the world, this was indeed very nice..

Now, this weekend I am planning to go to Bukit Merah Laketown. And think your blog was really helpful.. Thank you & I don't believe your post had anything to do to condemn Malaysia, it was indeed just a comparison between the water theme parks in Malaysia which was very well explained.. Thanks again.. :)

el the man said...

Hi BNandy, thank you very much for the comment and nice to hear you found this blog entry useful.
The Scream really sounds interesting, definitely will put it into my to do list, or if Sunway management is reading this, I can do a review for them. :)


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