Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Golf Hoildays with Golf Kings

I've written and been to a number of destinations and places to see. among them Phuket, Theme Parks, India and so on.

Among a number of new tourism concepts have appeared, being driven by demand, among others medical tourism and golf tourism.

Golf actually originated from the Scotts, and was a game played by the many, not just and elitist sport (ref Wikipedia). Golf has now spread across the globe, and among the interesting things in golf is obviously the course. This leaves a lot to the imagination, coupled with the terrain, weather and obstacles, therefore different golfing courses, across countries, regions and continents potentially offer a wide variety of experiences and challenges.

One such company that offers golf holidays is Golf Kings. GolfKings specialises in golf holidays in the Algarve, Spain and Mauritus. Golf holidays can include airline flights, or you can opt to book your own air travel.

Algarve in Portugal boasts natural beauties and plenty of beaches coupled with a Mediterranean climate. Golfkings' options in Algarve include the Dona Filipa & San Lorenzo Golf Resort and Penina. The golf hotel / resorts offered, Dona Filipa & San Lorenzo Golf Resort is rated above average and offers highly appreciated golf course and dining.

As for Penina it is rather highly rated, with comments from visitors having enjoyed the golfing experience and the food.

GolfKings golf holidays includes the above hotels and a few others, available at GolfKings Algarve

Among other options for golf holiday goers is Spain, at Costa del Sol, a region in south of Spain, with many resorts located along the coastline. If you are opting for Spain for golf, GolfKings offers such arrangements including tee of times, car hire and transfers, GolfKings Costa Del Sol. For more information on Costa Del Sol check out its tourism board site at http://www.visitcostadelsol.com/

Another goal tourism site to consider is Turkey. Belek is located in the Turkish Mediterranean Coast. The Sirene Belek Golf Hotel among others is an option to consider. It is rated rather highly, with a significant good for value golfing experience. For arrangements you can consider GolfKings'@Turkey.

If you have your options open, or are considering different locations and golf courses, you can key it in into GolfKing's search box in their main website, which I found to be quite comprehensive of their offerings.

Enjoy and happy golfing.

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