Sunday, May 19, 2013

59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman

This post is not only about the review about the book, but also about myself putting into implementation the 59seconds guide in the book.

Firstly a big thank you to the organizers of Big Bad Wolf (Penang) that made such good books so affordable. One of the books I was enticed to purchase was 59Seconds, sounds very much like the movie 'Gone in 60 Seconds'. Wonder if it was intended. The main reason I bought this was it was based on more scientific data and had quick fixes and implementation guide, so not all theory only.

Yeah, you might have figured by now, its a self-help guide book. So far I have found it quite informative. For beginners try to hold a pencil (unleaded?) or pen with your teeth not letting your lips touch the pen. Besides making you a better kisser (joking) it forces you to smile. Theory is if you are happy you smile. AND if you smile you will also feel happy. Give it a try. See, not only did reading my blog make you smile, the theory works, i.e now you feel happier. So keep it up - bitting a pen / pencil and reading my blog.

Ok, so main reason I'm writing this entry, is to put the motivation chapter implementation into practice. Firstly  its recommended to write down (or type or post it - i.e what you want to improve / achieve) based on a certain format based on research. Focus more on :

    1. Making a step by step plan rather then focusing on an idol  e.g a great leader. 
    2. Tell other people about your goal - yes so I am blogging here about the goal. And plan to come back to this entry an update you on the progress / achievement. Avoid thinking about the bad things that will happen if I don't achieve my goal. 
      1. Note - you should still be in touch with the bad things that would happen on the path to achieving your goal - 2 different things padre. 
    3. Think about the good things that will happen if I achive my goal and avoid trying to suppress unhelpful thoughts (e.g avoid thinking about being lazy). 
      1. So here it seems the more negative you think, the more you ponder in the negative zone - something like the SECRET book / DVD eh?
      2. Be objective about the good things and avoid letting it be picture perfect (I found the book a little contradictory here against not doing item 10) 
    4. Rewards yourself after making progress toward your goal. 
    5. Record your progress - this blog will be the avenue to record me progress..
So lets use the 59seconds template provided ok? 

  1. What is your overall goal 
    1. My overall goal is to be a well sought after lecturer (part time also can). In a nut shell, I want to be a real good educator, lecturer and motivator, that I am ranked and recommended highly by my students, 'disegani' among the academia, and am able to produce results via the students exam results and also the observable improvements in the students' themselves. E.g people noticing the improvement in the personality, vision and results of the students. And the climax of it - bumping into a successful student.
So now break it into SMART sub -goals. Feels like doing PM (performance planning) / Focal!

First sub goal - is to get opportunity and to lecture at a couple of universities and colleges. Among others Olympia and UiTM seems possible prospects, but not limited to them. Private colleges have usually got twinning with foreign universities, so this will also potentially open up wider avenues. 

I believe I can achieve this goal because, I now have lecturing experience and it will be a good stepping stone. 

To achieve this sub-goal I will update my resume, respond to offers and continue to actively be on the look out for opportunities and 'kangtau'. 

This will be achieved by Sept 2013. 

My rewards for achieving this is a treat to family, friends and myself - a MAKAN treat!

2nd sub goal is - to ensure that my lectures are highly regarded, impactful and self satisfying. Ensure I add value to my lectures, keep them interesting and yet deliver the content. 

I believe I can achieve this goal because though I am busy, I am passionate and totally enjoy lecturing. My MBA, and personal affliction with business subjects will be the main basis on delivering this. 

To achieve this sub goal I will need to be constantly keeping up to date on 
i. Lecturing techniques - Listen to on teaching / lecturing topics.
ii. Stay abreast on the topics I am teaching - related to real life examples, people and stories. 
iii. Continue reading informative books and sites, and conduct some of the experiments in the books during class which would be related - e.g differing results of blind test and non blind test for pepsi versus coke. 
iv. Look for interesting videos.
v. Ensure class participation - group presentations. Discussions etc. 
vi. Yet be strict and set early expectations and ground rules.

This will be achieved in my lectures, by completing a couple of them by Sept 2013 and continue on. 

My rewards for achieving this will be self satisfaction and a holiday trip + chocolates.

STEP 3. 
Begin and complete my PhD or Doctorate. 

I believe I can achieve this I ? I can achieve this since I will have had lots of experience and in depth reading and teaching on subjects. My PhD focus yet to be determined but could be dependent on my interest at that time. 

 To achieve this sub goal I will start looking for interesting and suitable titles, continue reading, talking to people in the academia, see any work related stuff can do with company grant?  Figure out on supervisors, Uni, sponsorship. I'm not much into long term research so I will plan out in detail with milestones, dates and things to achieve. Need to find a topic I enjoy so will keep the engine going. 

This will start in 2015 and complete by 2019. Full time? 

My reward for achieving this will be being a Doc!

COMPLETE - A fully recognized, sought after lecturer, with great lecturing and the academia backing! Even recommended by foreign Uni!

What are the benefits of achieving your overall goal. List 3 important benefits, focusing on how much better life will be for you and those around you. Focus on enjoying the benefits associated with your desired future rather than escaping the negative aspects of your current situation. 

I can decide on going full time or part time this plus stay in the industry. Being well-marketed, I can choose and decide. 

Will have good financial steady income, and have decent fall back options available. 

Contribute to the society - making a change - doing my part!

Going public - I just did with this entry!

Ok that's all for this entry. Wish me luck, keep me motivated, and if you know me personally, tell me am I crazy or on the right track. Once a friend called Shahril Izuan told me during my undergrad mock lecturing I should lecture. Some things come a long way. Wonder if he even remembers... Thank you anyway. 

My better half also always tells me I have a unique way of motivating people... :)



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