Sunday, September 8, 2013

More things to consider buying from USA

A follow up to my previous entry Things to buy in USA, here's a further recommendation on things that you could get at a cheaper price in the USA.

Turn of the ABP (AdBlocker Plus) icon in your browsesr URL if you cannot see some of the pictures as I am using ad-links on Amazon to display the pictures of the items.

I'm still undivided on are electric razors really of any use. Many years back I bought one, but hardly use it, or hardly found it of any use except the trimmer which works good for mustaches, not really side burns since they need a better tool. Anyway, it seems razors are slightly cheaper there, especially with discounts if you are lucky and coupon. Check out a couple of brands like

Besides the Philips, Panasonic and Braun's razor are well reviewed. Panasonic and Phillips use what seems rotaty blades.

Where as Braun uses a different system, most reviews mention Braun has the sharper shave, but tends to wear of faster it seems.

What matters at least for me is besides a clean shave is it works in the shower, i.e key word wet or aquater.

Yes, there is also the ladies version, ranging from Phillips, Emjoi and Panasonic. Start of here and take a look at your choices.

Epilators - Start Here

I've been a huge fan of eneloop batteries. The price locally in Malaysia is not quite close to what you'd get in USA except for a few dollars saving.

You can compare price locally try googling or at

How do I start with this product. Maybe I'll keep it brief.. I mean it is briefs...Got it? Yes boxes, briefs etc. In the beginning I thought that like many, get branded briefs - yes UNDERWEAR. I've come to realize by experience that the branded ones aren't really much to shout about, and obviously not that well priced.

What helped me understand briefs is WALMART actually. In fact I was going to make my purchase from Walmart based on the products they offered online and had good reviews. But so happened Amazon had a 20% offer at that time so I went with Amazon. What I've realized is that now be too dependent on Amazon, check out other sites, Walmart has got pickup which you save on shipping and cheap shipping (but no one beats Amazon's free shipping for above $25.

Fruit of the Loom is a brand I have never heard of in this side of the world, but reviews are pretty good and prices basic. So definitely worth taking a look. End of the end it should fit well, wear well and for our hot and humid country be cotton or similar. 

Hannes is a rather well established brand, and even on their own website has got a good range of sales at times. Here's one from Amazon

Important thing to remember - model not included. Read the reviews, they are quite enjoyable since many of them are actually the ladies buying for the guys....wink2

If you are like me, you'd wonder dickies what....We have been so accustomed to brands like Dockers and Levi's but there are some real fundamental brands around that offer good value, and are very highly rated.

The Dickies 874 seems to be a long time favourite.Some of the reviewers mention that they wrinkle less then Dockers also. Could be maybe not 100% cotton, but reviews are good for feel and value. The cut seems to be a little loose / regular

And if you like something tighter and 'fitter', check out below. Mixed reviews.

My only complain is sometimes the model of the pants are not well specified.

Yes what I thought was the Amazon e-book reader has got many version, the cheapest with e-ink meant to do reading only with superb battery life (no dark reading). And then Kindle paperwhite, which doesn't need backlight. And then the high end tablet type. In fact a contender to the likes of Nexus 10 / Samsung tablets.Kindles - CHECK OUT HERE



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