Thursday, April 24, 2008

Best Way to Call USA Toll Free Number

I've always had problems calling US toll-free numbers from outside the United States of America. I couldn't seem to be able to call directly from a phone or even using calling cards like iTalk. (more on iTalk in the future).

So I was left questioning,
"How do I call a US Toll Free Number outside of the USA?"
"What's the best way to call a US toll-free number?"
"What's the cheapest way to call a US toll-free number?"

Recently my friend informed me that you can use Skype to call any USA toll-free number for free.

I had recently tried it, and was really happy with the call quality.

The call was clear, loud, and with all the functions available which are not available on normal phones, like the mute option. Try it out at



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