Saturday, September 12, 2009

Energizer Battery Leak

Updated :
On around 4th June 2009 I had passed the leaked batteries to Energizer for evaluation and requested an update on the issue, besides getting replacement batteries. For the time being, pending the investigations, I volunteered to remove this posting, however as till now, 13 Sept 2009, I have no received a reply, therefore I am reposting this entry.
Energizer AAA Alkaline Battery Leak!

Yes, believe it or not, the Energizer AAA Alkaline Battery I bought leaked even before I un-packed them. I bought the batteries early 2009 I believe, and when I took them out of my drawer, still packed in the standard Energizer packing, my was I surprised. It had leaked real bad. Once I took it out from my drawer, the leak was apparent. You can see in the below photo that some of the batteries leaked, up to the extent of the plastic packaging itself shows the 'rust' like contamination. Are this leaks dangerous?

This actually happened to me in March 2009, but never got around to blogging or complaining about it. And how do I remember it happened in March 2009? Well easy, just look at your pictures, RClick, Summary Tab, then click Advanced>>. Or just hover your mouse over the photo in your PC and it should show you.

Anyway, the expiry date (Use By) shows 2011 as you can see above. So it is 2009 now, so it has gone 'bad' TWO years before its expiry date. It is interesting to note, that not all out of the 4 pieces leaked. And yes, I being Malaysian salvaged the one good battery and used it. Threw away the rest.

Here's a close-up of the leak. Actually when I physically looked at the batteries, I never took the effort to closely 'inspect' the leak. Looks like some rusty coloured liquid surrounded by snow leaking out, doesn't it?

Here's a picture of the back cover. Looks ugly doesn't it. Well so much for the energizer power guy that's on the packing. Looks like it's leaked out of power.

So now what? Well, learn from experience. Here's what experience (and advice from learned friends) has thought me. Sometimes the not so famous brands are actually better and longer lasting. They might sometimes come with a premium though.

If given a choice, for normal Alkaline Batteries, I'd go for Toshiba. And for re-chargeable batteries, I'd go for Sanyo Enelope. Yes, a not so famous brand in Malaysia. I believe the brand itself is actually famous, it's just that they don't market it here. You can buy if from Singapore, Mustafa and other electronic stores.

Referring to my other blog,, I bought the Enelope re-chargeable batteries somewhere in November or December 2008. Charged them once (or didn' t charge them at all, can't remember as they come pre-charged), and now May 2009, my Phillips Electric Razor is still working. Yes with one charge only till date. To be fair, I am not a heavy user, but could say use it 4 times per month. But the fact that the charge in it is still there, is surprising for a re-chargeable batteries. Yes Sanyo claims the charge holds up to 1 year I believe!


Anonymous said...

Mr El Der Man,

You have once left a comment on my blog article on the Wall Street Meltdown .... sometime in March this year. I have also read your thesis on the impact of the meltdown on the banking sector soon after that and again recently.

It is a well written article and very informative. Some of the things expected to happen did happen, only the that you are a little off the mark regarding the impact on the banking sector. As it actually happened, no sign of any meltdown happened here, but your expetation of serious impact on GDP and the export sector is correct.

As for my own article it was written slightly earlier, and I would most welcome your comment against the known outcome today, at least on areas you are familiar with, as my formula are rather technical.

I like your other articles also and would like to include you site on my blogroll.

DAH Ikhwan


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