Friday, July 10, 2009

Charcoal Dehumidifier

Arang Charcoal Dehumidifier

I've written quick a bit previously on humidity, de-humidity, relative to Malaysian weather, among others at Wood Fungus, Mould, Kulat Kayu and Fungus Mold.

We're all quite familiar with brands like Thirsty Hyppo or Tesco's alternative version. So today I was reading the TheStar and Guardian had a full page advertisement on Charcoal Dehumidifiers. Yes, Charcoal, aka Arang. Interesting isn't it.

Guardian Charcoal De-humidifier

Isn't Charcoal prescribed for food poisoning as well? So I tried google'ing it and there seems to be many Charcoal products available. Yes and you'd have probably noticed some water and air filtration systems also employ Charcoal.

So googling led me to this CNN article. The article states that charcoal has a vast array of cavities creating a huge surface area, i.e. Luas Permukaan.

So well it's sounds like a worth try. Baking soda, now charcoal. Cool!

Enjoy dehumidifying.



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