Friday, June 12, 2009

Giant Bayan Baru - Resolved

Syabas to Giant.

On February 2009, I had blogged about a potential accident trap at the entrance/exit of Giant Bayan Baru. I had also sent a copy to Giant thru email of the concerns hilited on the blog. Giant has since then, replied to me and taken corrective action.

In this entry, I would like to extend my congratulations to Giant for being very responsive, looking into the matter seriously and coming to a resolution. I had actually updated my February 2009 entry to include that the matter has been resolved. However I think it's best to share with you how the issue has been resolved.

Basically when you entered or exist Giant for one of the entrance, there were a lot of cars and bikes parked very close to the should of the road. So it creates a very tight area to manoeuvre between cars parked, entering and exiting. As well as creating some blind spots.

Based on below pictures I recently took, you can see that Giant has placed barriers to discourage people from parking dangerously.

So basically they have cordoned off the shoulders of the road by the entrance. Avoiding the possible chocking of that area during peak times.

Finally, SYABAS to Giant Hypermarket for a superb Customer Relations Management (CRM) and also taking their customers seriously.

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