Saturday, November 10, 2012

Buying Baby Stuff

Usually when we plan to buy things, sometimes frequently over some months or even years, we consciously make note of the price, and choose out shops that offer a good value, price or deal. When you have a child, you come to the realization that you will be buying some additional things on a frequent basis, and probably consider your nearest or favourite hypermarket as your solution and destination.

If you're lucky enough you'll come across shops or friends who bring in the realization, that on a normal day (meaning no sale), odds are that your daily baby items are in reality cheaper at Baby Stores versus the hypermarkets. Yes it is pretty hard to believe but that's the truth.

My friendly started me off, be indicating that there are several baby shops in Kepala Batas / Bertam that have prices that are alot cheaper then other places. Yup we drove all the way there and it was cheaper. Interesting. But that was too far. So what's the main purpose of this blog?

1. To indicate locations of baby stores that you'd want to go survey and decide for yourself which are cheaper.Things that we usually buy are diapers (lampin pakai buang), interestingly we used to call them pampers, but few people still use that brand, too expensive maybe. Also where to buy milk powder (from Frisco, Nestle, Dutch Lady, Enfagrow, all the basic to fancy stuff) and Nestle's baby cereal- Cerelac. There are other things that you'll be buying including Rusks (Heinz's Farley's, Milna)

2. To share some indication of pricing of the goods.

Shops to buy Baby Stuff (items mentioned above). 1. Choo Choo Train. There are two shops that I know of. Both seems to have the same prices. I've done some comparison in Bukit Minyak, Sungai Rambai and Bukit Mertajam and have found on average this shop's prices are the most reasonable.

The first shop is located at Bukit Minyak. Turn into the road where the new Carrefour is (previously another shopping outlet) and its in the row of shoplots facing Carrefour. You can also refer to the map on their website. Parking is decent. Choices and variety at both the branches are pretty comprehensive for diapers, milk, bottles (including Tommy Tippee, Medela), baby swing (Endoi) and little bit of baby clothes.

The 2nd shop is located in Bandar Perda. From Kapitan Nasi Kandar, you can see the shop across the road, however the sign board is faded so look closely. Or coming from Bandar Perda main entrance (where TNB and JPN are on your left upon entering) take the first right. You'll pass Bank Rakyat on your right go straight, and then take the next right into the row of shoplots, which is opposite Kapitan Nasi Kandar and Qasar Hadramawt Nasi Arab . Click here for a map.

Another plus point about this shops is on average I find them (workers / shopkeepers) pretty friendly and rather well informed about baby stuff. This is important, as you want people to give you honest USEFUL and correct information when shopping for stuff for your baby. But as usual, go google and also ask an expert to verify.

2. Now that we're in Bandar Perda, there is another shop of important mention, a baby clothes shop, where there's a good selection of baby clothes starting from RM3 (or RM6 per pair). I found the material pretty good and comfortable. This are non branded, good for daily / house wear. Understand that this shop has a factory so they offer it cheap (or maybe last seasons - but does it matter?). It is located in the shop row behind Maybank, click here for location.

3.Hock Lee Trading. This shop is located near Bukit Mertajam (BM). It is more of grocery store that sells Baby Milk Powder for a decent price. Its located on a 1way street, so you'd need to 'circle around to get there. Otherwise, on the junction (by the court) instead on turning left to Summit at the fork, turn right and then left before Alka Ria and go straight. Then turn left, go straight then run right, then left then park. The walk to Hock Lee. Click here for map.

4. There are around 2 shops in Sungai Rambai area. I found the prices average at best.

5. For those staying in Bertam, there's plenty of baby shops nearby, all competitively priced.

6. On the island, I would say Sg Ara is your best bet.

I was going share a price list as well of how much is baby stuff, especially those that you'd buy often, but slow internet and somehow the formating of this entry seems messed up since my paragraph is all continuous looks like a mess.

Looking for baby shops near your area, unfortunately I can't blog about all the shops, one coz that would be a really long blog, I wouldn't know all the shops, and my internet connection sometimes frustrates me to much. So what to do? Ask your friends in your area where the shops are, OR, check out links like which indicates its retailers so hopefully their prices are good.



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