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Porch Swing Chair Endoi


Yes relaxation is very important in life. Finding activities that offer such to us varies among individuals, family and location. One of my favourite relaxation is sitting by this swing. I'm not sure exactly what to call it, I guess the most common name for it is endoi rotan. Which means a rattan swing. Might also be called a wicker porch swing. I'm not even sure if the main frame is built from rattan or bamboo (buluh). 

Anyway, having an endoi sure is a fine addition to your household relaxation options. The easiest way to get started is to buy a set from furniture shops. Which have the metal base and a rattan endoi attached to it. With this you wouldn't have to look for places to hang it as the base is usually a circular base - well balanced on your floor. Only thing if you plan to put it outdoors, the base could rust under rain and mess up your tiles / flooring. When our endoi from the furniture shop started rutting and 'mereput', we decided to look for a new one. And this time the plan was to hang it (outdoors) as well. We looked at the furniture shops and came to realize that even though the wicker rattan swings were so nicely designed, it was quite expensive. 

So started looking at rattan shops. In Penang, and probably around Malaysia, if you drive around you'll notice shops selling only rattan furniture. Most of this are located in quite warn down shops (a dying art) and then there are some ala boutiques. Well probably the prices will also differ accordingly. 

So here's the rattan endoi we went for. Its  lasted us well over 1 year now in rain and shine but don't expect too much since it is made of rattan. 

As you can see, one of the key changes we made is to 'hang' it instead of using the metal base outdoors. Obviously you need to pre-plan and 'renovate' your house accordingly to create such an option and place to hook and hang your swing.
From the above picture you can see the mechanism to create the 'hook'. Tip - when you are doing your house grill, gate or awning, ask the contractor to help add this type of wall plugs in places you think you'll be hanging your swing or other heavy stuff. This is not the normal wall-plug where you just drill a small hole, hammer in a plastic or wooden wall plug and screw in. If you look closely this has the nut screwed in to the reversed bolt which was something like 'riveted' into the wall / ceiling's column. Not sure what this is called, probably you can get it at the hardware store if you plan to do it yourself. Remember that you'll need identify structures that will be able to support your expected weight. The spring looking hooks I got from my old swing which had rut.

The metal chain is available at any hardware (HW) store. I couldn't figure out what's the weight or Newton rating that it can support though, so just 'tried' and risked it. If you're more hardworking you can spray the chain to match your preferred color, but not sure what's the best material to use, as a otherwise it'll flake.

So there you have it a nice swing in your porch or patio. Ok going back to where to buy. My recommendation is if you want something value for money go hunting for rattan decor shops, the old school type. If you want it quick and easy, just get it at the furniture shop. Here's some links to rattan shops around Penang and Mainland.

Rattan shop near Summit BM : there are two shops here. Summit BM will be on your right and slightly in front ~500meters you will see 2 shops 50meters apart on your left. I find the 2nd shop after summit to be more reasonably priced and friendly. Try finding parking at the parking lot right next to Summit, or drive slightly further you should see an open parking area on your left (by now you would have passed the 2 rotan shops).

Chulia Street : Coming from Jetty, once you cross the Kapitan Keling Mosque junction, drive on straight and you'll see a 7-Eleven on your right. You should see one rattan shop on your right. There used to be another one further down on your left, not sure if still open.

Bayan Baru Roundabout - There is a shop at the Bayan Baru round-about, Rattan de-Cor or something is the name. This one is a little more high end then the old school shops above. Its in the same row of shop houses as the clinic and Teratak Spa.

Giant Bayan Baru - After you park, right before you enter the Giant Hypermarket building, there is a stall selling rattan items. They didn't have the endoi last I checked though.

There are also 'mobile' bamboo / rattan furniture shops, and as the name implies they move around from places to places. I've seen / heard of them being around Sg Ara and Farlim, Penang. Probably try asking the hawkers around that area and they might know.

Among the many other furniture you can get from Rattan shops are rocking chairs, baby eating high chairs and some nice chair and table sets that won't cost you too much.


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