Monday, February 3, 2014


Passed by Caltex a couple of times and noticed the big banner promoting their recently launched loyalty card - Journey. Interestingly Caltex was one of the only 2 petrol providers in Malaysia that had till date resisted joining or coming up with a loyalty card program.

-Source Caltex Malaysia Website-

So they have used an interesting approach on co-branding. Unlike Bonus Link that ties up with Shell but maintains Bonus Link's brand, Caltex used a unique approach tying up with BCard (a recently launched Loyalty card as well - or resently heavilty promoted loyalty card) which I believe is probably owned by Berjaya Group looking at the member merchants many are tied to Berjaya I believe, e.g. Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Wendy's (Malaysian parent franchisor).

I previously was not that interested, coz never understood, so can you use your Starbucks card AND the BCard. Haven't tried, probably you can.

So with Caltex now joining in, I opted to apply. I am not really loyal to any brand of petrol, just what's on the way and gives a good return to myself.

Well, plus point of applying the BCard at Caltex (at least when I just did), there were many many vouchers included, Lazaada RM30 voucher for RM100 purchase, Zalora, Starbucks 20%. You also get alot of vouchers for Pappa John's, Wendy and so on, but to those outside Penang, tough luck, can't really use most of them.

Anyway, with the freebies they already give, seems like a decent card. And will probably encourage Bonus Link to have more promotions. Hahaha.

Well, have fun. I'm creating my account at BCard's website.



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