Monday, February 3, 2014

Private Retirement Scheme

As it has now been more then 1 year that PRS funds have been launched, more information is available.
A summary as below

  • List of PRS Funds available.
  • A Year to Date and 6 month performance review MorningStar
    • Click on the NAV tab for latest pricing. I like buying funds from Fundsupermart online, but their pricing updates are SLOW. MorningStar with the above link seem to have the latest.
  • Buying funds
    • Many options, start with 
    • FSM Charts is also a pretty impressive comparison tool to compare your funds (not limited to PRSs) and against other funds and bourses. 
  • Other retirement (And tax 'relief'-able') options 
    • Retirement Annuity - Banks like Maybank, CIMB and insurance firms like Great Eastern do offer. 
    • Haven't had chance to compare detail but quickly put
      • Mutual funds - goes up and down. No 'committment', i.e if you don't have spare cash that year, just don't invest.
      • Deferred Annuity (From banks and insurers) - Requires yearly commitment, but seems more 'guranteed' over the long run.
Happy investing and retiring....



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